Interview: Animal Clothing team surfer Georgie Timson

In the first of our series of inspirational interviews with young, upcoming Animal Clothing team riders, we caught up with the multi-talented Animal surfer Georgie Timson, from Newquay.

georgie 3

How long have you been surfing for?
Since I was about 10 (properly)

What surfboard do you ride?
I ride a shortboard, its an Adams Board and is 5ft 6 (Adams are my board sponsors)

What got you started in surfing?
We always used to go to Newquay, Cornwall on holiday when I was young, my Dad took me and my brothers surfing at Watergate Bay.

How long have you been competing?
About 4 years now, I also represent the school for surfing comps

Whats your biggest achievement in surfing?
Being offered sponsorship with Animal, and also from Adams Surfboards. Its been a huge thing for me !

What is your biggest surfing dream?
I would like to start the projunior surf comps next year in Europe.

Where do you most like to surf?
When I’m at home in the UK I surf at Fistral Beach or Watergate Bay.


Where would you most like to surf?
This summer I’ve spent 6 weeks in Hossegor, France which has been amazing, so many good spots to surf. In future I would love to surf in Indonesia.

You are not only an incredible surfer, but a runner too. What’s your biggest running achievement?
Thank you :) Yes I have done a lot of cross country racing and competed in many. I was a County Champion in 2010 and also in 2011 my school became the National Champions in the English schools (where I was 3rd )

What do you enjoy more running or surfing?
Surfing is definitely number one for me, but running is important to keep my level of fitness up all year round.

Who do you most like to surf with?
My younger brother Sonny (who is also on the Animal Team). We train together and have a lot of fun free surfs.

Who do you get your surfing inspiration from?
Mostly from my older brother Harry, he is away travelling, and surf training most of the time, he has sick videos and one day I hope that will be me.

You train with your Dad and brothers, do you ever find there is rivalry with your family, or do you think it helps push you to be better?
There is no rivalry at all, it pushes me to be the best I can. Dad and Harry give me lots of advice and tips. I also train with Tony Good at Atlantic CoastSurf in an elite group.

What advice would you give girls who would like to start out in surfing?
Don’t be scared to try it, have a go, book a lesson and go for it-you will have no regrets!

How do you train for competitions?
I surf everyday regardless of the sea conditions. At training we do heat drills consisting of perfecting various manoeuvres, airs and tactics.

Do you ever get nervous before a comp? If so how do you calm your nerves?
Yes ! especially the night before, I try and make sure I am fully prepared and on the day before my heat I sometimes listen to music.


What is your favourite post competition treat?
Mmmmmm – well it has to be the big golden arches !!! – ‘Maccas’

What do you do when you are not surfing?
I enjoy skating, also keeping fit. I’m really interested in art and I’m quite creative. I love going for milkshakes with my friends and I’m studying for my exams this year.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I hope I will be travelling and surfing the world as well as still competing, you get to meet a lot of great people.

Do you take part in any other board sports?
We have a boat so I wakeboard and water ski, I used to do board paddling in SurflifeSaving until I was 14.

How do Animal as a sponsor help you?
Animal are fab sponsors, a lovely team, really helpful, they send me lots of gorgeous clothes and wetsuits and also incentives. They also are very supportive and help to promote me too. :))))

What’s your favourite surfing moment so far?
It was when I started completing manoeuvres on my backhand. I was so happy.

How do you push yourself to keep going when you find something challenging?
It can be frustrating but I never ever give up. I try to focus and will keep practising over and over again. No matter how hard or how long it takes – Never Give Up.

What do you most like about surfing?
Being in the ever changing ocean, I love the feeling of freedom and the thrill of catching the waves.

Finish this sentence……….
I wouldn’t be where I am today without…….my family, they give me their full support and encouragement and are with me all the way, they have given me such great opportunities in my life so far :)


Thrashion: Recycled Skateboard Jewellery And More

A few months ago, thanks to the wondrous world of Instagram, I came across Thrashion, a Cornish based company that makes incredibly rad jewellery and accessories from recycled skateboard decks.

After a bit of investigation, it seemed like I’d been out of the loop for years, as Thrashion has not only been making these unique products since 2007, but has been giving plenty back to the scene too.

So after treating myself to a few awesome bangles (with a past life as an Enjoi deck!), I thought it was time to catch up with Thrashion’s Nat Rigby to find out more about the products, charity events, and pro-skater collaborations.


What is Thrashion?
Thrashion is recycled skateboard jewellery, accessories and homewares handmade in Cornwall from broken and thrashed skateboard decks.

Who are the faces behind Thrashion?
I don’t like my face on anything! But it’s mainly me running things and I make everything in my little recycled greenhouse studio. My husband Dan does all my design and merchandising.

Where are you based?
I’m based in Falmouth, have you ever been? It’s a cosmopolitan little town in west Cornwall, it has three beaches and is virtually surrounded by water. It’s also got the third deepest harbour in the world! #lovefalmouth

Where did the inspiration for Thrashion come from?
I’ve always made things and dabbled with bits and bobs, I love tools! And I’ve always been inspired by the DIY/recycle ethos of the punk movement.

I am a skateboarder (not a good one!) and so is my husband, we met through skateboarding, we had loads of knackered skateboards kicking about and a load of tools and so I tried one versus the other and it all kinda grew on its own

What products do you offer?
I’ll have a crack at pretty much anything, but we sell everything from ear studs, to bangles, to necklaces, to belt buckles, to cufflinks, to coat hooks and pens.

How do you access boards for the products?
Every board is 100% recycled. I have local drop off points and we also offer a FREEPOST service so you can send your board to us if you’re in the UK. I’ve also had some large donations from skate companies and pro skaters like Matt Pritchard, Leo and Jody Smith, Lucy Adams and Kill City Skateboards.

Is there any skate-based product you aspire to make for Thrashion in the future?
My products are more lifestyle/luxury items at the moment and I definitely would like to start making more functional items. We are always making new things so its always a good idea to keep checking back to see what we’re doing

Do you get involved with other projects or charity events?
Absolutely! I try to support one big charity event a year but also sponsor small local organisations like Falmouth Skatepark committee. I like To support the UK skateboard industry and give back as much as I can.

Where do you hope to see Thrashion in the future?
Oooh, hard question! I’m not good at thinking in the future! I’d definitely like to do some more collaboration work, I have a few rad companies in mind and my main goal is to stay one step ahead of the game and always creating new unique things.

What do you do when you’re not making products?
I roller derby :) I obviously skateboard when I get time and I’m also training for my black sash in wing chun. Plus I have two kids so I’m very busy and wouldn’t have it any other way

Thrashion would be nothing without….
My iPhone!

If you want to find out more about Thrashion, check out…
Instagram: @thrashion



BMX | Texan Girls Riding Bikes

Texas Girls BMX

Deep in the heart of Austin, Texas you will find a place called House Park where several babes battle the heat to ride their BMX bikes. Filmed and edited in the summer of 2013 by Brittany Campbell with her iPhone. This video features a handful of some of the local lady scene.

Watch Austin, Texas BMX Babes

Riders: Toni Gibbs, Cara Morrison, Dani Windhausen, Brittany “BCam” Campbell, Nina Buitrago, Mo Malone, Lexi Bradburn, Denise Baca.

Snow | August 2013 Mixtape – Snowboard and Freeski Edits

August 2013: The latest snowboarding and freeski edits from girls around the world

Girl SnowboarderEvery month we come across more and more fantastic snowboard and freeski edits from female riders around the globe.  We love watching them all, and try to share as many as possible!

Watch Claire Hewitt – Demeyer Final Season Edit 2012/2013

Watch Ivika Jürgenson Winter 12/13 Snowboard Edit

“I spent the season 12/13 mostly in the Alps where we rented a nice flat in Mayrhofen. In the beginning of the season we were quite eager to focus on filming, we had some great pow days that we took advantage of. But like always, things never go as you plan them. While my injury in the beginning didn’t want to go away for the whole season, I still had some better days when traveling around the Alps, probably the coolest trip was to Volcom PBRJ European Championships in Avoriaz, which went pretty well for me.” – Ivika

Watch GnIRLY time on DACHSTEIN

Snowboard | Too Hard – Moment Of Truth

The Too Hard girls are back with another teaser to the upcoming “Still Hard” snowboard movie.

Too Hard - Moment Of TruthWhen the Too Hard girls dropped the last teaser for “Still Hard” it got an amazing reaction and not just because of the nudity and casual violence (you can watch it HERE). No, the girls were hitting some pretty knarly spots and killing it.  This time around we have a few more bails mashed together with some epic 80’s montage music, and in true Too Hard style the girls have been pretty honest about the realities of filming rails – bruised vagina anyone?!

We are really looking forward to seeing the finished article which drops later this month.

Watch Too Hard – Moment of Truth

Current rider list: Madison Blackley, Alexa McCarty, Danyale Patterson, Fancy Rutherford, Laura Rogoski, Kumara Kelley, Riley Elliot, Taylor Elliot, Vanessa Moore, Marie-Andree Racine, and more.

Style | Brixton 2013 Fall Lookbook

Brixton return with an all round awesome Women’s Fall 2013 collection.

Brixton Womens Fall 2013 Lookbook

The video and print lookbook’s for Brixton’s latest collection has made its way onto the internet and straight onto our wishlists.  Brixton have grown out of their hat roots and now supply some rather wonderful threads to cover not only heads, but bodies too.

Brixton Womens Fall 2013 Lookbook

The women’s fall 2013 collection has an organic feel to it – not the hippy organic though, imagine if skateboards grew on trees, well this collection would be the flowers that grew on that tree.  Ok so I may have had acid for breakfast, but the colour’s and feel of the autumn range really do have that outdoorsy warmth the cooler month’s crave. Yum.

Watch Brixton Fall 2013

Skate | Camp WeSC UK Summer Skateboard Camps

Camp WeSC UK invite Boardgirl readers to join their 5-day residential skate camps this August.

Camp WeSC UKCamp WeSC UK is a 5-day residential skate camp for both girls & guys aged 11yrs – 21yrs, running for 2 weeks in August. You will have the chance to skate with some of the best European skateboarders who will be there to look after you and help you progress.

EVERYTHING is included in the price, this includes a full english breakfast every morning (or fruits / cereals / toast if you prefer!), a healthy packed lunch and your choice of hot meal each evening! You will get to stay in a huge Hogwarts style mansion, and skate at one of the UK’s best skate plazas in sunny Cornwall – it has something for all abilities!

Pro skaters will be onboard to coach you, and there will be fun games & competitions through out the week! Danni Gallacher will be on hand all week to teach you all you need to know skate wise & Hannah Bailey from Neon Stash will also be putting on a Tie Dye workshop so you can make your own super cool tie dyed tee or bag!

Each skater will go home with a free skate deck, shoes, headphones, hoody, T-shirts, magazines and stickers as a thanks from us for coming and one lucky ‘Skater of the week’ will also get to take home a free camcorder provided by iON Camera! Other sponsors include Fabric Skateboards, Lakai Footwear, Vita Coco, Sidewalk & Huck, Mob Grip and of course WeSC!

You will also get to be a part of the Camps Summer 2013 video & all th3 fun will be covered by Sidewalk, Cooler & Huck magazines!

The price of camp is usually £380, but Boardgirl readers will receive a special discount of more than 10% – Camps start August 12th so get signed up ASAP to secure your place! This is not one to miss out!

Head to for more info or email

Style : Thread Love – Animal Ivana Bikini

Introducing our newest feature where we share our latest loves – this week we heart the Animal Ivana Bikini in Papyrus Cream.


This weekend saw the UK bask in an amazing heatwave, meaning it was time to head to the beach with our favorite new bikini and cool down in the Atlantic Ocean.  Animal’s Ivana Bikini was the perfect choice with it’s fresh and pretty print.  We did some very thorough testing (backflips and handstands in the waves) and the Ivana kept up with it all.

Light coloured bikini’s can be prone to becoming see-through, but this little beauty kept my dignity intact all day long.  As you can see I am a very healthy size 10 and the Ivana Bikini fitted my curves very well, making me feel comfortable and able to fully enjoy the rare British beach time :)

Visit to check out their great range of swimwear.

Photo Credit: Will Bremridge

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